Day 1: 22.02.2021 (4pm-6:30pm, CET)

Values and metaphors 

Allison Stielau (London). The Balance in Early Modern Representation: Diagramming Time and Judgment.
Valentina Pugliano (Boston). Tipping the scale: fraud, respectability and weighing practices in early modern Italian pharmacy.
Madalena Costa Lima (Lisbon). Romanesque architecture as ‘heavy gothic’ architecture: weight in the reflections about medieval architecture during the long 18th century.

[Break, 5:25-5:35pm, CET]

Case study: Metal assaying

Norman Biggs (London). John Reynolds: Weighing at the London Mint in the 1600s.
Umberto Veronesi (London). Weighing and testing in the new world: The material culture of assay practices in colonial Jamestown (1607-1610).

Day 2: 23.02.2021 (4pm-6:30pm, CET)


Ivan Malara (Milano and Ghent). The Notion(s) of Weight in Late-Renaissance Aristotelianism. A Few Examples from Natural Philosophy.
Arianna Borrelli (Berlin and Lüneburg). The balance and the church: Setting up analogies between water and air in the early modern period.
Jo Coture (Ghent). Pierre Gassendi on the weight of Epicurus’s atoms.

[Break, 5:25-5:35pm, CET]

Case study: Artisans and instruments

Michael Bycroft (Warwick). Gem assays and the hydrostatic balance in early modern science.
Cesare Pastorino (Berlin). The investigation of specific weights in the 16th century: the case of the gunner’s gauge.